Sunday, March 1, 2009

Finishing Up

For the last couple weeks, if you've been following my blogs, I have been just plain swamped with school work. I've had all sorts of projects and assignments that have been keeping me up every night until ten or eleven finishing. A lot of them were due this last week, and let me tell's really nice to have them out of the way!

In science, I've been stressing over my term project. I finally got that done last weekend and turned it in early for extra credit. There was also a big test this week that I had to study for. I got an 88 on it, which isn't to great, but considering that most people got 50s to 70s on it, it's pretty good. I got those two big things out of the way, and I am done stressing over that class for a while.

There is still a lot going on in English, but a couple of big things are out of the way. First of all there was the Word Cells Test. It was just another big test that everyone was stressing over, but I got 100 on it. I just studied for a few minutes every night, and I really didn't think it was that hard. Then there were the job interviews. I wasn't really stressing over those, but it's nice to have them over with. I still have to finish A Tale of Two Cities, write a literary analysis on it, memorize a passage from Romeo and Juliet, take the DWA (Direct Writing Assessment), and make sure all my AR points are in.

I never have to stress over Seminary. There was the Ancestor Report, but that wasn't hard at all. I put it together in one night and did just fine on it. Besides that, I just have to read my scriptures every night and I got nothing to worry about.

Math is difficult, but there are never long term assignments to worry about. They are always due the next day, so there is never really the chance for me to procrastinate on them.

Geography has started to be one of my favorite classes. Mr. Carter is hilarious, and it really isn't that hard of a class either. Everyone had been saying that it is crazy hard, but I really don't think it is. As long as you pay attention, take good notes, do your assignments, and study, you'll get an A easily.

Choir isn't hard at all. As long as you just try, you can get an easy A.

Student Government is just a goof-off class. We never do anything harder than go to the games.

So right now, I still have a lot to do, but a little bit of the burden is gone. It will be nice to have everything done. In a couple more weeks, I will. But right now, I have to just keep pushin'!