Monday, January 26, 2009


Ok, here's a story my mom told me today. My neighbor who's in seventh grade accidentally left his backpack at school today. He had an SEOP later that day, so he decided just to get it then. He figured he had left it in the band room, so he went and looked all over but couldn't find it. He checked his locker and it wasn't there either. So he went home and called a couple of friends to see if they had taken it home for him. The first person hadn't. The next person he called told him that he had hid it in a locker in the band room...

But that's not even all of it. His mom called my mom who happened to be over by the school. She asked if my mom could go look through the lockers to find it. So my mom did. The room was locked, so she had to find a janitor to unlock it for her. So my mom goes in and starts looking through all the lockers. Not being able to find it, she calls back my friends mom. My friends mom is pretty upset now, so she calls up the kid who hid it. She asks him where it is and he says that he doesn't know...

But that still isn't all. She keeps talking with him on the phone and he says that we will just have to find it. So she tells him that my mom is there right now looking for it and that he needs to tell us where it is. Eventually he says that it might be on the right wall. So my mom checks there and it's in the last one she checks.

All in all, this kid hid the backpack, lied that he didn't know where it was, and was rude to my friend's mom. He may sound all tough pickin' on kids like that, but in reality, he's not. It wasn't like tough guy bullying, it was dorky bullying. I mean, seriously...hiding the backpack in the band room? I have no idea what he expected to gain from that. "Yes! I hid it!" Was that really worth it? This isn't the only thing he's done that bugs me though...

Over the summer, our neighborhood signed up for Junior Golf at Valley View. Every week we'd have a little lesson and play 9 holes of golf. If you improved your score by enough from the previous weeks, you might win a gift certificate to the pro shop there. So every week I would be honest about my score. It wasn't the best score there, but it was honest. And I was gradually improving. I felt good about myself. So here comes this kid who is totally sandbagging it (in other words, cheating). He claimed to be shooting about 10 strokes under what I would hit. I'm not trying to brag or anything, because I am by no means a good golfer, but there is no way that kid was shooting 10 under me. He can barely handle a club. If this wasn't for cash prizes, I probably wouldn't have minded. But this kid was getting rich off of cheating! I shouldn't let it bother me, but there are so many things he does that drive me crazy!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I think I missed a week...

As I'm looking back through my blog, I think I may be behind a week... Just to be safe, I'm going to write one more today. I hadn't really thought of anything, so I'm just going to keep writing until I have five hundred words. It will probably be pretty boring stuff, so I see no reason for you to keep reading unless you are crazy bored and have nothing better to do.

What to write... What to write... Oh! Did anyone watch Obama get sworn into office today? Although I was rooting for McCain, I think Obama is going to do a pretty good job. Plus, he broke the color barrier of the office of president. He's like the Jackie Robinson of presidents! So yeah, it was a pretty historic day! But there was one part of the inauguration that I thought was pretty funny. I don't know if anyone else caught it, but it was while he was making his Oath of Office. Him and John G. Roberts both messed up while making the Oath of Office. Obama started a line while he wasn't supposed to, then Roberts rearranged the order of some of the words accidentally, Obama hesitated, then Roberts corrected himself, then Obama said that line the wrong way, but it went right after that. I just thought it was pretty funny that even the president will get nervous in front of so many people!

Hmmm... Oh! I know! I'm pretty sure that most people watch The Office. If not, it is the best show out there right now! It is hilarious! For those of you who don't watch it, I'm just gonna tell you about some of the characters. First of all, there are Jim and Pam. They, along with mabey Toby, are the only normal characters on the show. They play pranks together on Dwight, which are always hilarious! They range from putting his stapler in Jello, wrapping up his desk in wrapping paper for Christmas, or dressing up like him and mocking him. It is hilarious! Then there is the boss, Michael Scott. He really is not qualified to have his job. He does nothing all day and somehow avoids getting fired for it. Then there is Dwight. He is always a laugh. He lives on a beet farm, he is into martial arts, and has a secret relationship (well, secret until the last couple episodes) with Angela. Angela is a religious girl that is not fun to be around. She is very serious about things being done right. Next there is Oscar. He is mostly normal, until you find out that he is gay in one episode...not that there's anything wrong with that. Next there is Kevin. He has a band called Scrantonicity and he gambles a lot. Next there would be Toby. Toby is relatively normal. Michael really hates him because he "takes the fun out of everything". He works with human resources. Well I'm almost at 500 words, so I'll just wrap up the rest really quickly... Kelly talks a lot, Andy is a suck up, Ryan is the temp who became Michael's boss but got addicted to drugs, commited fraud, and is now back to being the temp, Stanley could care less about his job, Meredith is an alcoholic, Jan is Michael's old girlfriend/boss, Karen is Jim's old girlfriend, Creed is a creep, Phyllis is married to Bob Vance of Vance Refrigeration, Roy is Pam's old girlfriends from warehousing, and Darryl is also in warehousing.

So that's it for today..see you next week!

I thought I was done with band...

If you have followed any of my previous posts, you will know that I have written a lot of things about the new band teacher. He is unorganized, can't control the class, and just isn't that great of a teacher. I had been thinking a lot about switching out of his class. It was a tough decision because this was supposed to be the year I finally got to play sax. Well, I did for the first half of the year. I didn't want to quit playing, but I thought about it a while, and came up with a list of good reasons to drop out:

1. I learned nothing -- and no, that is not an exaggeration -- new on the sax in his class.

2. The reason I am still taking that class is to learn something new about playing the sax.

3. All my friends in band are quitting.

4. I could put better use to that period than just sitting and having to listen to a teacher I have no respect for.

5. (This is the reason that was the final straw) If I am not learning anything, I don't like the teacher, and all my friends aren't going to be there, what reason is there to stay in the class?

So after a lot of thought, I quit! I finally made the decision, ran it by my parents, and they approved. It was great! So I thought I was done with band for good! Oh, but that just couldn't be so...

Tonight, my family got home from a weekend trip to Vegas. I had done most of my homework in the car, but decided to check my grades when I got home. Expecting to get all A's, I was shocked to see that I had a C in one class. I quickly realized that it was band and thought to myself, "What has he done this time?" I figured it would have been something I turned in, and, not to my amazement, it was something I had turned in months ago. He just decided to wait until the end of the term to put it into the computer. The teacher requires us to attend a concert outside of class and write up one page about it. He told us we could turn it in at anytime during the term and it would count. I decided to just go to one at the beginning of the term to get it over with. I turned the page in at the beginning of the term, and he said that it was great. It never showed up in my grade, so I figured he was just gonna put it in at the end of the term. I thought nothing of it, until tonight. My best guess is that because he waited so long, he lost it, and thus, was never able to get it into the computer. So now I have to go talk to him and see if he can change it. I have no idea how he's going to be able to since semester grades had to be in today. Good going new guy, I've never had lower than an A in my life. There goes my 4.0 record, thanks to you.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Babysitting My Siblings

Don't you just LOVE babysitting your siblings? If you haven't ever tried it, you should one day! It's the best! Once your parents leave, your siblings listen to every word you say. They don't disobey you whatsoever. They get along like they love each other. The don't yell, run around, scream at random, or do anything to make it difficult for you. They go to bed when they're told, they can all agree on a show, and they do everything that they're told. To top it all off, the pay is wonderful!

Ok, well if you haven't guessed, everything that I just said was a lie. Not word one of that was true. My siblings NEVER listen to me. I'm babysitting tonight, and one of my sisters made my other sister cry. I sent her to her room, but she refused to go. She claims she's scared. I have no idea what of, but she never did go to her room.

My siblings don't ever obey me. I tell them to do something, and it goes in one ear and out the other. They are totally insubordinate, and there's nothing I can do about it. It really bugs me.

My siblings don't get along. It's mostly my two sisters though. They are constantly fighting. Most of the times it's over things that don't even matter. Usually one of my sisters will scream or something, then a fight follows. I can't seem to get it in their heads that it DOESN'T MATTER! Geez it drives me crazy!

My sisters yell at each other. Like I said before, usually it's over things that have no point.

All of my siblings run around. They start playing games and I'll just be sitting and watching them. They run all over the house, and it's crazy! I can't control them! I have no leverage over them. If they disobey me, the only thing I can do is tell my mom. They stopped being scared of that a LONG time ago.

One thing that my sister does that drives me insane is just scream at the top of her lungs at totally random times. Sometimes she says she's scared of something, but other times she doesn't even know why. It gets under my skin so bad!

If I tell them it's time to go to bed, they always say, "No! One more show!" I have to give in, or they won't ever go to bed. Eventually they'll just fall asleep, but man... it takes them a LONG time!

When it's time to choose a show to watch, they can never come to a decision. The excuse for never deciding a show is always "Let's find something everyone wants to watch!" So it takes a while to finally decide on a show. And, you guessed it, it's never one I want to watch!

Well, I think I've made my opinion pretty clear. I really do not like babysitting. Oh, and especially tonight when I could be hanging out with friends. I just feel way bad knowing that I could be having a lot more fun right now... You know what I mean? Well, I guess I'll be done with my ranting on babysitting. :) Good night!