Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Music this Year (contd.)

Hey everyone! Just thought I'd finish my post from a few weeks ago! It's just about my favorite bands releasing albums this year. Last time I covered my two favorites: Green Day and U2! There are a couple more that I want to hit before I'm totally finished.

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311 is another one of my all-time favorite bands! The first time I heard about them was when my dad downloaded a few of their songs off of iTunes. He downloaded All Mixed Up, Beautiful Disaster, Creatures (For a While), and Down. They are three incredible songs if you want to listen to them! Anyways, they were the only four songs by them that I listened to for a while. One day, my dad came home and one of his coworkers had a bunch of 311 CDs that that he let us borrow. We ripped them onto our computer and there turned out to be some awesome songs! So 311 became one of my favorite bands.

A year or so later, we found out that my uncle gives golf lessons to the manager of 311. This was huge news for us! The manager hooked my uncle up with an all access pass! He got to go backstage and meet the band! It was so cool! We had already missed to Salt Lake Concert, and we were going to be in California while 311 was playing at the Greek Theater. My uncle let us use the all-access pass, and it was awesome! It didn't get us back stage like we had wanted, but we were front row of the mosh pit! It was one of the coolest concerts I think I've ever been to! So that's my story behind 311. Their new album, Uplifter, is coming out June 2nd. I know I'm going to be buying it!

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Linkin Park is another one of my favorite bands. While their album is supposed to be released early next year, I still want to talk about them a little bit. The first album I heard of theirs was Meteora. The first time I heard it was in my dad's car when I was 6 or 7. I thought it was hilarious because I had never really heard music with yelling in it. Eventually I started liking it more and more and soon became one of my favorite bands. I bought their first album, Hybrid Theory, off of eBay and it is pretty good. They released their third album, Minutes to Midnight, in 2007. It was a little different, but still awesome!

I got to go to their concert last year, and it was a great experience! Coheed and Cambria opened for them, and I had never really heard of them. I really didn't like them because I couldn't really tell one song from another. Also, they were just taking to long. I wanted Linkin Park! But I listened to a few of their songs after, specifically Welcome Home, and they're actually pretty good. Anyways, the concert was awesome! They know how to play a good show.

Are you excited for this year as much as I am?! Like I said in my previous post, I'm the most excited for Green Day! I downloaded a leak of the title song, 21st Century Breakdown, and it's awesome! I just can't tell you how excited I am for the new album! But that's it for me this week, cya all later!