Saturday, November 1, 2008

Week In Review: The Band Concert, The End of the Term, Halloween, and Cloverfield

Wow, this has been a crazy week, and I am just glad to be over with it!

First of all was the Band Concert... Wow that was a frekin joke man! There are so many things that went wrong, and our teacher is totally oblivious to any of it. First of all he tells us to get there at 6:30, he doesn't even show up until 6:40. When we went down to the gym to play, there was no order. I had no idea what I was even supposed to do. While the other bands weren't playing, he had no control over them. One of the assistant principals had to come over and calm everyone down. Beginning Band sounded better than concert band. He had all the instruments in beginning percussion, which NO ONE was ready for. Beginning band was playing WAY to hard of music. The percussion ensemble was a joke. Symphonic band was the best out of everyone, but still, no where near where we were last year. At the end, our teacher didn't have the students helped clean up chairs, he just stood there and eventually parents and the assistant principal were cleaning up. So yeah... Had the old teacher been there, it would have gone a LOT better.

Next item on the agenda, end of term! This is what I am the most excited about! I was worried about my grades in a couple classes, but I ended up pulling it all off with a 4.0! I was nervous for English, because I was worried about my AR points. I had 23, and just needed 7 more. All I needed to do was pass the Count of Monte Cristo test and I was good! Well I did so the A was secured in that class! Then there was Math...I was on the verge, but I got an A on a test, along with extra credit I had saved up over the term, and I got the A in that class! And that was really all I was worried about.

Next up, Halloween! It actually turned out better than I was hoping! This kid in my ward was having a party, and I was really hesitant on going, because all he does is play video games, and I find that so boring! He invited some of my other friends, so I went. It actually turned out pretty fun! We played football for a while, then went and had pizza at his house. After that, my other friend has hot chocolate at his house every Halloween, so we went up there and picked up our other friend! Then we went and just threw a football around in the street. After that, we watched Cloverfield, which is item number 4...

I don't know about anyone else, but I thought Cloverfield was LAME! Oh, and if your reading this, and you still want to see Cloverfield, don't read, because I will be giving away some of the plot. But I thought it was stupid! It starts out with the guy with a video camera just filming, and then all of a sudden theres a big explosion, the Statue of Liberty's head falls off, and there's a big monster in Manhattan. They're running away from it the whole movie, everyone dies by the end, and you find out NOTHING about the monster! You don't know where it came from, if it dies, lives, nothing! I hated it, but that's just my opinion.

Well, that's pretty much my week! Hope you enjoyed reading it! :)