Saturday, November 15, 2008

This Term So Far

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Well, so far this term has been going great! Mostly... there are still a few classes I am not likin'.

Science isn't really hard, I've never had to many complaints about that class...

But then there's Band... Oh my goodness, that class just isn't getting any better. At the beginning of the term the teacher was going to require pep band. None of my friends wanted to do it so we were all freaking out about it. Luckily we got out of it though. Turns out he can't require us to stay after school for a grade. So now if you do it, its just extra credit. Still, it is going to be a joke. The teacher can't control the class, so nothing ever gets done. He has all these big ideas, like pep band for example, and I swear he will never get them done! Pep band will not last long in my opinion. There are a few things that I can see happening... Scenario A: People quit showing up for pep band just because of the mediocrity of the thing. Scenario B: The basketball coach kicks them out for disrupting the players. Scenario C: The refs have had it with them and get kicked out. I can't see it lasting too long. We've already got cheerleaders to do all the cheering, we don't need a whole other group for that. Plus, he's planning on have SOO many people, I'm not sure they're all going to fit. Ugh...I'll be done on that topic for today.

Seminary is great though! By far one of my favorite classes. We just got our sort of term projects yesterday, and it looks pretty fun! It has 101 small acts of service we have to do before Christmas, and it just looks really fun!

Then there's math... It's getting better. Assignments aren't taking as long as they used to, so I can't really complain about that class!

Geography is going pretty good, nothing to hard there. We are learing about the Caribbean right now, so I'm enjoying it since I just went on a cruise there last summer. It's really interesting learning about their cultures and what not.

Then I have english with Mr. T! Definitely one of my more liked classes! We're learning about mythology right now, so its pretty cool.

Seventh is student government. It's pretty fun most of the time. If there's nothing to do we just sit and talk... Or have battles...

And lost but not least, Honors English! Well, I am doing pretty good so far. I've got the two books to read, but I am sad to say that I am not very far in the one I have to have done by midterms. I think I should probably get going on it! But I also have the writing assignments. Those don't usually take me long though, so I'm not to worried about that!

Well, thanks for reading my whole thing... You must have a lot of spare time on your hands if you've read all my blabber so far! So until next time, may God be with you 'til we meet again! :)