Saturday, November 8, 2008

Contest 2

Wow! It took long enough for someone to finally notice my contest section! Good job Super Skier! You would be in second because you pass the person who's in second place. To pull ahead into first place, you would have to pass the person in first place.

Here's the next question:

There are 45 apples. If you pick up 3 apples, how many apples are there?

Good luck!


I've been doing some heavy editing on my blog today, and I had an idea. I'm going to do some contests on here just for fun. I'll post a question, and once someone gets it right I'll post a new one. I know you're probably wondering if there will be prizes, and yes, of course there will be! What kind of person would I be if I didn't offer prizes?! The person who gets it right wins the honor of being placed on my Contest Winners List! Pretty sweet eh?!

Anyways, here's the first question:

You are third place in a race. You pass the person that's in second. What place are you in now?

Good luck everyone!


Super Skier said...

Second Place!!!!!!

The Soup Nazi said...

It's about time someone answered that! Good job Super Skier! I'll put your name on the list and get the next question up in a few minutes!