Saturday, October 25, 2008

End of the term

As you all know, the end of the term is coming up fast. Are you ready for it? I know I sure am! It's been hard, but as of right now I have A's in all my classes which I am so happy about! So far, 9th grade has been a LOT harder than 8th or 7th grade, for me at least. There are two classes that are really making it hard... One, is Math! I am taking Algebra 2 this year, and let me tell you... Getting an A in that class is so dang hard! There is on average an hour of homework every night, with tests and quizzes on top of that that are extremely hard. But also, Honors English is gettin' me pretty bogged down to! Not the Blog or the Falcon Forum, but reading the Count of Monte Cristo. I know I have already ranted about that book before, so I'm not going to again, but it just takes soo long to read! Now that I have gotten closer to the end, it is getting better, but I still have the AR test on it... Once I can pass that, It'll be smooth sailin' the rest of the term!