Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weird Traditions

If you really think about it, a lot of traditions that people have are pretty weird. A lot of holiday traditions, what we wear, and so forth. I just thought I'd mention a few of them and see what everyone else thinks.

Ties. I had never really thought about this before, but I was at church last Sunday and it just occurred to me that ties are a very interesting article of clothing. They have numerous different styles of them: there are ties with stripes, ties with repeating designs, and ties that express something with a picture. A lot of my favorite ties have pictures on them, whether its my guitar one or my golfing Santa tie that sings (which I wear off and on over summer) I like to express something on them. But anyways, that's not what I find weird about them... What is a tie? It is a piece of fabric that we hang from our neck on special occasions. Does that seem a little strange to anyone else?

Easter. Easter is a great holiday, you remember the resurrection of Christ and its a day to be with family. But if you think about it, the things we do on that day are pretty weird... For the resurrection of Christ you decorate eggs, and a bunny hides them for you to find. It may be just me, but this doesn't have a whole lot do to with Christ coming back from the dead...

Christmas. This one isn't as bad as some of the other ones, but it is still pretty good. For Christmas, we go chop down a pine tree, bring it in our living room, decorate it, and then Santa Claus brings presents to good little girls and boys and leaves them in socks on the fire place and under the tree. But it is also a great time to spend with family, so it's not as bad as some of the others.

Thanksgiving. This one is my favorite. When people were deciding what to do for Thanksgiving, they must have run out of ideas. They were scrambling, because eggs and chopping down trees and taking them to your living room are already taken for Easter and Christmas. They finally decided on just eating a lot. Really not that creative, but still a fun holiday!

Fourth of July. This is also a great one. The Fourth of July was the day that the founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence freeing us from England. So what do we do to celebrate? We go to Wyoming to get illegal fireworks and blow things up. This probably wasn't what the founding fathers would have wanted when they signed that declaration.

Birthdays. This is the last one I'm gonna do for today. Birthdays are a funny thing. You go a whole year without dieing, and get presents from family and friends for doing this. Plus you can invite all your friends to a party, and then they all have to bring a present for you.

So yes, we have some pretty wacky traditions, but they're all fun! So I'm not complaining about these, just kinds pointing them out. ;)