Thursday, November 27, 2008

Qualities that drive me crazy!

Are there certain things people do that drive you absolutely crazy? I know there are for me, so I just thought I'd list a few of them.

The thing that bugs me the most is when people are hypocrites: they say something and do the exact opposite. I can't explain how bad this frustrates me. There is this kid I know that does nothing but play video games in his spare time. Any time I go over to his house, his mom answers the door and sends me to the basement where he's sitting on a bean bag playing Wii or Gamecube. His life is devoted to video games. So one day, I'm hanging out with him, and a little group of us go up to my other friend's house. It was his birthday a few days before, and he got the new Guitar Hero World Tour. Guitar Hero is one of the only video games I really like, so I wanted to play it. We did for a little while, until my video game obsessed friend suggests we stop playing it. Normally, all he wants to do is video games (and that has made me really dislike most of them because that's all he ever does). But right now, when he's actually got me here playing them, he wants to stop. And, I am not kidding, he said, "I hate just sitting in one spot for a long time, I like being outside better!" When he said that, I just really didn't know what to say. I can't stand when people are hypocrites!

Another thing that bugs me is when people are so full of themselves. They think they are so much better than you at something. Even though sometimes they may be, they shouldn't be bragging it up. There is one kid I know, and he has it in his head that he is so good at everything he does and that he is sooo much smarter than everyone else. We play football over at our church field every once in a while. We try to make the teams fair, and he thinks he can choose teams the best. He'll try to stack his team. If he thinks the teams are unfair, he'll just mope around, not play, and try to get the teams stacked to work out for him. And another about that that bugs me is that he makes judgments on how good he thinks someone is. I know I am not the best there is at football, and I'm fine with saying that. But what he does is say that two people are better than everyone else when we're making teams, and I think it makes other people feel bad about how they're playing when he does that. Of course, he always puts himself higher than other people. He's really no where near as good as he thinks he is. In a lot of ways, he is actually a disadvantage to the team he plays on. He does more bad than good. He does all this thinking he knows what's right, but doesn't.

The last thing I'm going to mention is people who try to be funny all the time, but really they're not. It bugs me so bad when you have someone talking to you, constantly telling lame jokes that you have to force a laugh at so you don't make them feel bad. I'm not going to get into this farther, but I thought it was something worth mentioning.

Well, once again thanks for reading!