Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas and a Joke

I'm gonna take a break from my cruise story for a week. First, I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Next, I have a joke that I heard from my uncle. My brother didn't get it when I told him, and it took like five minutes for him to get it. Well, here it goes...

An old man owes the IRS a couple thousand dollars. He decides to take his lawyer with him to have a meeting with an IRS agent. The three of them meet and start talking. Once the meeting was under way, the old man makes a bet with the agent. He bets $1,000 that he can bite his own eyeball. Not thinking that this was possible, the agent takes the bet. So the old man proceeds and takes out his glass eye, bites it, and pops it back in. The old man, wanting to make a little more money, bets the agent double or nothing he can bite his other eye. The agent, believing that he would be blind if he bit both eyes, accepted the bet. So the old man pops out his dentures and bites his good eye with them. Now the IRS agent is a little upset. The old man makes one more bet. He bets the agent double or nothing that he can stand up on the lawyers desk, pee across the room into a garbage can, and not miss a single drop. The agent, really wanting his money back, accepts the bet. So the old man stands up on the table and starts peeing. He misses, and it goes everywhere. Now, the IRS agent is ecstatic because he's just won all his money back. But then he notices that the old man's lawyer is practically in tears. The agent asks whats wrong, and the old man says, "I bet my lawyer $25,000 that I could walk into your office, pee all over everything, and you would be happy about it."

The first time I heard it I thought that it was hysterical! So I thought it was pretty funny. But I still need 100 more words... So I'm going to just summarize my break I guess. :P

My winter break has been pretty boring. I've mostly stayed home. The first week I guess I went out a bit to be with family. We went over to my grandparents, and then they came and slept over at our house. Christmas was fun, I got an iPod Touch (even though so many of you wrongly refer to it as an iTouch! Geez learn what it's called!) and I'm really excited about that! And that's really the only big thing I got. But after that I hung out with some friends a couple nights, celebrated new years, stayed home, and that brings us to today. So it wasn't really very exciting, but it's always nice to be able to have time off from school. But it's starting back up again in two days, so I have to go back to reality. :/ Oh well... Well that's it for me today. See yall later!