Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cruises (Part II)

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Alright! I am back for Part II of my cruises story! I believe I left off last time at the amazing dinners you get...

So after dinner there is always a show at night. They have performers like comedians, acrobats, magicians, singers, and dancers. The show after dinner is always one of the best parts of the night. I liked it best when they had comedians. There were these two comedians (and I can't remember their names right now) that were so dang funny! I just couldn't stop laughing! They started out just telling some typical cruise jokes (like about how small the "cabins" are), but once they were on their normal act, it was hilarious! They chose someone out of the audience and kept making comments about what she was doing every once in a while, and by the end of the show they had written a song about it! And it wasn't just like a cheesy song, it actually sounded good, and it was funny! I couldn't believe it!

On each ship, they have a cruise director. What that person does is basically make sure there are good activities for everyone and just make sure everything's running smooth. Our cruise director, Richard Spacey, was the best cruise director I've ever had! He was amazing at his job! He was great at the shows every night, he made sure everyone knew what they were supposed to be doing for that day on the cruise, and he was funny on top of that! The whole ship knew who he was and they loved him! I don't know if any of you have ever seen the Evolution of Dance video on YouTube (if you haven't, I posted it at the bottom), but on the last night our cruise director did his own version of it, and he nailed it! It was so funny! (I've also posted his version below the original).

So after you've had a show and gotten to know who Richard Spacey is, you head back to your room to get ready for the night. When you get to your room, you find that your beds are made, a towel animal hanging on your ceiling, and a piece of mint chocolate on your pillow. You feel like a king! So after you get changed out of your dinner clothes, you decide to try and get to know the ship a little bit more. What better place to start than the Royal Promenade? The Royal Promenade is like a minimall on the ship. There's a gift shop, coffee shop, ice cream parlor, and even a barbor shop! You are still amazed by everything! Next, you go exploring the floors to see what's there. You find an Egyptian theater, fitness center, spa, the kids' place, the skating rink, and lots more! But that's not even the best part, you go explore outside next...

And that's where I'm going to cut off for this week! I'll continue with Part III next week!

This is the original version by Judson Laipply.

This is Richard Spacey's version.