Monday, December 8, 2008

Cruises (Part I)

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I've been looking at some pictures from my cruise this summer, and I've made a decision: cruises are the best! Once you've been on a cruise, it's really hard to think about traveling any other way again. They're just so flippin' fun!

The first day isn't the best day of the cruise. You have to go check in before you get on the ship. This includes things like getting your boarding pass (which is also your room key), loading luggage onto the ship, and going through customs. Once you've gotten all of that out of the way, you get to go find your room. At first you're pretty excited to go see your room. You expect it to be really elaborate like on the movie Titanic. Much to your disappointment, it is MUCH smaller. And I'm not talking like hotel room small. I'm talking like hotel bathroom small. The rooms (or "cabins" as they refer to them) are TINY! But you'll get over it pretty quickly, because the only time you're really in your cabin is to sleep and get ready.

So after you've been to your cabin, the whole ship has to have a mustering drill. This is just a safety test so that you know what to do if the ship starts sinking. That isn't really to fun, but after that you can go tour the ship and try to get to know it. Usually my family heads to the Windjammer Cafe to get a quick bite to eat before the ship starts moving. After that we head out to the front of the ship to see it start to set sail. It sounds more exciting than it really is though. It starts out moving extremely slow and doesn't really pick up speed until the night. After that its almost dinner time.

Dinner is probably my favorite part of the whole cruise. You have an assigned table with an assigned waiter or waitress that you sit at every night. When you walk in and take your seats, the waiter (in our case) is waiting for you to sit down. Once you are in your seat, he places the folded napkin in front of you on your lap and brings a basket of rolls to get you started. Our waiter was one of my favorite people on the ship. He knew everything there was to know about the menu, the ship, and the ports-of-call The first night at dinner he learned everyone's names at our table and didn't have trouble remembering them for the rest of the cruise. He also learned our favorite drinks, and made sure to have them waiting there for us when we came down for dinner. He was amazing! So once you've gotten rolls and drinks, he brings out the menu. It all looks really expensive, but you really couldn't care less. Everything on the menu is absolutely FREE! And I mean totally and completely free! It's not like you can only have one of something, you can have as much as you want of whatever there is on the menu that night! My cousin Wil, who is about 7 years old, ate four lobster tails one night! My brother Blake was having trouble deciding what he wanted one night, so our waiter brought out both of them at no cost! It was wonderful! Not only was the price amazing, but the food was unbelievably delicious! I tried a bunch of different meats including duck, lamb, and snail! That's right, I ate snails! I didn't expect them to be that great (in fact, I was a little reluctant to eat them, because they're snails for cryin' out loud!), but they turned out to be really good! So once you had stuffed yourself full of snails, you get the desert menu. It was all DELICIOUS! Royal Caribbean really knows food, because everything that I ate on the cruise was just delicious. Especially the desert. Well, that's all I'm going to say for this week! I'll continue my cruise story next week...