Thursday, December 4, 2008

Guitar Hero and More Band Woes

I have been playing Guitar Hero quite a bit this week, so I decided my opinion about would be a good blog post for this week. First of all, I think it can be a really fun video game (and I am pretty anti-video games) as long as you don't devote your life to playing it. Then, to me, it's in the same category as all the other video games. But I like it because I play guitar, and I just think it's cool that you can play guitar as a video game now. However, it is nowhere near the same as playing real guitar.

I don't think you should play Guitar Hero for hours everyday. This just makes you miss out on tons of other things you could be doing. One reason I don't really care if I'm really great at it or not is because I play the real guitar, which in my opinion is a lot more fun. Something Rivers Cuomo (lead singer for Weezer) said really got to me. He said that with all the time some people play Guitar Hero, they could use that time to learn a real instrument which would be a lot better for them later in life. That is actually very logical. That is why I take more pride in playing the real guitar than Guitar Hero.

And that would be my opinion on Guitar for more band woes...

The new band teacher keeps on doing things that are not right. For the past month we have been practicing nothing but pep band music during class when not everyone is going. Actually, I would say that hardly anyone is going anymore. Anyways, that's all that we have been practicing. We just barely got our music for the Christmas concert. It's in two weeks. The teacher thinks that we will pull it off, but most of us know better. One of the pieces of music we got, Sleigh Ride by Leroy Anderson, was given to us in Symphonic Band last year. We practiced it for a month and we never got it good enough to be able to perform. And remember, that was Symphonic Band from last year...when we still had an amazing band teacher and were the best band in the district (maybe even state). We are now (probably) the worst band in the district, with less time to practice, and we are comitted to play it! Does something not add up to you? Because this is kind of scaring me... I won't go more into it than that. But if you do go to our concert, don't expect much. If you do, you'll be sadly surprised.