Saturday, October 18, 2008


Oh man... I don't know about anyone else, but my UEA has been so boring! Thursday, I made a video for the Reflections contest (which by the way, I thought turned out really cool! I'm gonna try and figure out how I can post it on here, but for now, I'll just keep you all waiting!) and went to guitar lessons. Friday, it was my sister's birthday, so we had a party then went to dinner. That brings us to today... I feel like it's been a total waste so far! Today I've just done nothing pretty much... I caught up on emails, played Guitar Hero... There's the Regional Dance tonight I'm going to, so that should be pretty fun! Oh! I know something I did! It's not that exciting, but I found a website that's pretty cool! It's called Tonzr, and you can get 100% free ringtones! Just thought I'd share that for anyone who wants some ringtones. Well, I think that's it for me today. Oh!! Just kidding! THE RED SOX WON ON THURSDAY!!! It was awesome! They were losing the whole game, and at one point were down 7-0. Somehow they came back and won the game 7-8! I was so excited! My other team that I was rooting for (the Dodgers) just lost to the Phillies, so they're out of the World Series... But the Red Sox have a chance now! And hopefully, that comeback gives them more confidence so they can come back to win tonight! Oh man, if they lose, and it's the Phillies and Devil Rays that make it to the World Series, I'm gonna be so mad... The Dodgers and Red Sox both deserve it more. Well, maybe not the Dodgers so much... After their last game with who knows how many errors... But the Red Sox with a come back like that totally deserve it more than the Devil Rays! Well, I guess that's really it for me today! Peace out!


Sugar Cookie said...

Hey! You are a Red Sox fan!? Sweet!