Sunday, October 5, 2008


Man, I am having a hard time coming up with topics to write about for my Blog! I guess I'll just write about Count of Monte Cristo... No offense to anyone, but I am really not liking it so far... Am I the only one? I have a really hard time reading the Old English style, and trying to keep up with all the characters whose names I can't even pronounce! All the types of money are confusing me too... There's like a bunch of different types, so I'm never sure if it's like a ton of money or not! Plus it is going sooo sloooow! Man, I have been reading a ton yesterday and today, and I am only on page 180! It's gonna take a miracle to finish it by the end of the term, let along pass the AR test... Plus, it seems that it is very condensed which kind of confused me a little... One page Edmond was in prison, and then the next page he was like talking about how he'd been there for four years... I had to go back and reread that last page... Four years?! That was just one page, and four years pass just like that?! Man... Well, I guess I'll be finished with my ranting for now... I got other homework, so I will see all yall later!


Thomas Roberts said...

You're so much farther than me dude. I'm so slow. AR test is going to be so bad

MRT said...

Suggestion: Read some other people's blogs to find topic ideas. (Comment on or argue with what they say in your own blog.)

Suggestion: Describe someone or something in excrutiating detail.

Suggestion: Write a restaurant review of the last restaurant you visited.

It isn't the topic that makes a blog interesting; it is the voice of the writer.