Sunday, September 28, 2008

Forward Messages...Ah!

Am I the only person who HATES forward email/text messages?! They drive me CRAZY! I can't stand some of the ones I get. Send this on to 15 people or crazed mammoths are going to eat your babies favorite doll when she grows up. Once you forward this, your true loves name will pop up on the screen, because this one is true, not like all of those other fake forward messages out there... Do you hear what I'm saying?! Why do people believe some of the ones they get? If it is funny, and has a point, I will send it on... But if its like one of the ones I got today, which said (and I'm NOT making this up!) "...or you will turn ugly in six years..." who is going to believe them? So in summary, if the forward is funny, be my guest and send it on! But if you are going to add something stupid like if I don't forward this my dog's friend's owner will get rabies and then go crazy and kill everyone he knows, then please, I don't want it.


Mimi said...

Yeah, I must agree with you. Forward messages are extremely obnoxious. I hate them with a burning passion. A few of my friends get upset when I don't reply, but I've already told them that if they send me stupid chains, I'll delete them. And, if they send me too many, I'll block them.

Yup... I'm harsh.

Besides, I think everyone at our school has all the current cycling chains memorized... Dang, they're so annoying.

Kudos to you for standing away from the crowd! XD


Shanda Lier said...