Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My REAL First Blog Post! Woot!

Hey everyone! As you probably all know, this is my blog for Honors English. I'll start out by giving a background to my name and blog's name... The Soup Nazi is a famous episode of Seinfeld, where the main characters find a new soup kitchen. It is supposedly the best soup in the city, and people line up for almost a block to get soup there! The only catch is that the owner is temperamental. He has a certain ordering procedure that must be followed, or he gets mad and yells "No soup for you!". This has earned him the nickname "The Soup Nazi". One of the characters (Elaine) doesn't order right, and she gets banned for a year. She ends up acquiring all of his recipes and runs him out of business. The Soup Nazi moves to Argentina at the end of the episode, which upsets his normal customers. It's one of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld, and I thought it would be clever to name my blog after it! Does anyone else have anything special that they named their blog after? Or is it just a name you came up with on the spot? Please share!