Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break in Scottsdale

Ok, I know that last week I said I was going to keep writing about my favorite bands, but I’m skipping a week. I want to write about my spring break trip while I can still remember it! Don’t worry, you’ll get some more bands next week!

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For spring break this year my family went to Scottsdale, Arizona. First off let me say “Thank You!” to whoever plans the calendars for actually giving us a spring break this year! Geez, last year we only got one real day off… Anyways, back to our vacation! We left Friday right after school. We only drove to Kanab that day and drove the rest on Saturday. On Saturday we went to the Grand Canyon. It was my first time there, and I was amazed at how pretty it was! Seriously, if you’ve never been there, you need to put it at the top of your to-do list. It’s a beautiful sight.

Once we left the canyon, it was about three hours to where we were staying. Once we got there, we were excited just to get out of the car! We had done probably thirteen hours of driving over the last couple of days. We got settled into our room at the Marriott Canyon Villas. It was an awesome place! There was a pool with a waterfall, a lazy river, and a waterslide. We spent a few days out at the pool. But the day we got there, we were exhausted. We watched a little TV and pretty much just went to bed.

The next day we hiked to the top of Piestewa Peak, formerly known as Squaw Peak. It wasn’t that hard of a hike in my opinion, but my mom and sisters thought it was. They didn’t make it to the top, but my brother, my dad, and I did. The view was sweet you could see all of Phoenix from the top! The rest of that day we just spent at the pools.

The next few days we spent pretty much at the pool. On one of the days we went to a ghost town. It wasn’t that exciting, but I’m glad we went. I got a lucky rabbit’s foot! Another day we went to a Diamondbacks. It would have been better if the Rockies hadn’t been mauling the D-Backs. When we left in the 8th inning, they were down 6-1. It wasn’t a great game.

Probably the most unique part of the Phoenix area are the Saguaro Cacti. These cacti grow to be crazy tall, and it takes them decades to grow! Some of the oldest are 150 years old. They look just like the cacti you would see on movies. They have arms that grow to be the size of the cactus itself. While we were driving down, my sister kept saying how bad she wanted to see a cactus, and I didn't get what the big deal was. But then we saw some of them, and it all of a sudden hit me. There aren't words or pictures to describe them without seeing them for yourself.

One of the most memorable parts of the trip (for me at least) was In-N-Out. I’ve eaten there many times before, and they make the best burger of any fast food restaurant out there. What we discovered this trip was their “secret menu”. Pretty much anyone who’s a regular In-N-Out goer knows about its most famous item, the Animal-Style Burger. It adds a few ingredients to its normal burger. There are only a few who know about some of the other items on the menu. There’s the 3x3 (pronounced 3-by-3) and 4x4, which is 3 patties and 4 patties respectively. I tried a 3x3, and let me tell ya, that is a lot of meat! Holy cow! But I get bragging rights now, and I don’t ever have to do that again. I’m not going to tell you everything on the menu, but I’m going to tell you the name of one last item. Next time you’re at In-N-Out, order a Flying Dutchman. I’m not going to tell you what it is, just order it and tell me once you have!

Overall, it was a great vacation! I’m kinda bummed to be back at school now… Oh well! It’s the last term now! Just gotta make it about 35 more days!